A dream may not be — what you think a dream to be—

DREAM KILLER book one, published August 2016, book two—THE TRIBE—coming in 2017.

The ocean sky and mind are places we’re still learning about, and these spatial zones fill us with wonder. Life exists in the sea, planets, the stars above, ideas go in and out of the mind. The sea and sky are free for all to study and explore, but the mind is the one place that we discover on our own. It’s a place of experience, we process things we see, hear, smell, taste, and feel, with one added intrinsic component—it’s where dreams are created. We travel to other dimensions in sleep, and after waking, perhaps a small memory of it remains. During an episode, ideas come and occasionally we all go to some of the same places in our dreams, so are we really one mind–or part of many?