While walking to the train station this morning I looked at my schedule checking what I was doing on each day. I was struck by something I hadn’t really thought so much about, why are there seven days in a week? Why seven? Why not eight, nine, or ten? What is it about the number seven? My knowledge of number seven has always been that it is a lucky number as far back as I can remember, and other pieces of handed down information came to mind as I began to think about it more on my train trip into town.

The first bit of inspiration I had was the relationship of numbers to music; there are seven notes in every major scale, Do Re Me Fa So La Ti Do, the eighth note (another story) is the octave returning to the beginning or the first note. I tried to think of other examples of seven and came up with a few more, colors in the rainbow, wonders of the world, and when asked what their favorite number was—a majority of people said seven. The Bible references the number seven again and again along with religions, ceremonies, weddings, happiness, seventh son of a seventh son. Even movies like The Magnificent Seven, spy James Bond–007, and a cold usually lasts seven days.

Who knows what all of this information about numbers mean, maybe nothing, perhaps something. It’s all part of history, mythology, and legends passed down to give us things to think about. One more — three sevens make 21, and that’s Blackjack.




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