How would you rate your memory on a scale of one to ten? Before answering that question answer this one. What is memory? How does it relate to mediocrity and genius? Is it knowledge, information, our thoughts, insight, imagination? Are you good at remembering names, doing puzzles, solving mathematical problems? It seems to me that everyone has a skill set they excel at for some reason, and these skills improve with practice building muscle memory. Playing a musical instrument is a good example of how a person is able to become quite nimble on an instrument, but some never create any of their own music—only copy others.

So what does this all mean when it comes to genius and mediocrity? I don’t think anyone really knows why or who will become great and create or develop the next whatever. A person with the highest I.Q. may never do anything significant, and someone with limited skill may create the most beautiful piece ever seen. How did Tesla come up with theories when others with more knowledge couldn’t? In every art, sport, subject, there are people with wide ranges and levels of skill, and no matter how long some practice, or work on a particular area, they will never accomplish anything fantastic in our eyes. Is that just the way it is?

So some say or think why struggle; I’ll never be any good at anything. There’s one piece to this formula that is most important—passion. It’s an energy and force that can dislodge the barriers that stand before us. The lucky ones or super talents can hurdle obstacles faster and move forward into a stratosphere set far away just for them. They become the goal, target, or aspiration whether they want to or not, and live high above the mediocre.

Imagine a river as an ocean of energy with an intense wind pushing your ship over waves, tossing you around like a toy, leaving you lost and sinking to the depths never to return, or becoming the waves. Is the secret just knowing and being part of what’s around you? If you’ve never experienced a thing previously how do you know it exists without memory, and how do you break through mediocrity to genius? If it’s a gift, who or where is it from?




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