Human, alien, energy, space all filled with dreams, words and notes from memories past and present, building a convoluted record of stories collected over the years. It tells a story more complicated than one can imagine especially if it’s born from a notion and piece of puzzle. Ask yourself what snowflakes are, stars, the moon, could it simply be lights and decoration that cause confusion or a systematic form of clarity. Thoughts written with sparse facts to create a loose narrative to ask or answer mystifying questions. The single most asked question or thought of wonder we all ask ourselves is – what happens after we die. We know or are told from who created us that we grow inside a woman, some humans now are grown in a laboratory test tubes. Also, where do we go when we die, reincarnation, reform and returned to from whence we came, round and round. Born innocent, without power, knowing nothing, learning everything we understand. I must say, I forget some things, but recall specific experiences from the past and wonder why.


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