There are numerous avenues to explore, and we would be wise to take advantage of them every chance we have in the short life we are given. I’m thinking about experiences that are fulfilling, and not wild inclinations that could be harmful, but of course that is the choice and decision of the individual. Opportunity is a door to another dimension of the physical world we inhabit. Expressions like, ‘The grass is always greener over the horizon’ means opportunities or change of a sort is there, and we need only take the leap. And there are pitfalls, danger unknown, but also a fresh clean glass to look through.

So, what I’m trying to say is that the horizon is in our mind, we imagine what is on the other side, and if we desire something so deeply it can happen. This may not be exactly what we visualize, but possibly close to it, or lead us to another place that we never knew existed. How many horizons must one expect? Well, perhaps an untold never-ending number, some beneficial and others a walk down a treacherous trail of flogging through a gauntlet of painful memories we never shed.

If I enter a restaurant to eat a meal, I have some expectation of what will be served, I can look at the menu to decide my bill of fare. That is the initial encounter, from that point on we continue to imagine to some degree looking back on our personal history of that particular experience. Every restaurant involvement will be different even at the same place. In existence we are part of the commitment, and essence is what we create in the moment, so like to all things we are the important element of experience.

Vision is invisible to most people who are too busy to see, too involved in mundane routine life habit survival. Is the opportunity on the other side of the horizon reserved for only a few? I think it’s there for all to see, but only a few take action after they understand what the results could turn into. I look back and see so many missed opportunities that would have changed my life, so now I’m on the lookout, and ready for what’s on the other side of the hill.



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