Winning is a challenge with yourself, essentially a competition that is a decision some undertake because of the feeling experienced, and excitement that awaits the champion. And after the peak, a calm ensues, then another test opens or is discovered. I believe this is organic marketing and have concluded it may happen from being proactive, or spontaneously because we’ve done something that attracts or appeals to a system. I am not a marketing expert, but this thought came to me one day out of the blue.

How to think about it may be akin to a chess match, a battle of moves against an opponent, and strategy of thought and the mind. Signals are sent to all parts of your body to tell it what to do as in marketing and networking. All of this is done simultaneously, automatically, then repeated over and over. If something is desired, we tell our legs to walk and our hands to pick it up. Now to do this with marketing is special talent that only a few possess, whether innate or learned it seems to come down to what people desire, and how to provide it.

There comes a time in life when some material items we’ve collected just become items unless they have a strong connection to an event. Marketing strategy seems to create a similar connection to things we may or may not need. We just know at a particular time we desire something for whatever reason, and will spend hard earned money to purchase it. Strategy works if we can plan in a way so the outcome suits our goal. Let the planning begin!




A wall that surrounds

Exhausted come to rest

But there is no rest

Only a schedule to keep

Love breaks free from life

Becomes unrelenting passion

Day and night, twists, turns

Visions suspended in air

Change what’s seen by all

To an image in mind

Slice of a moment in time

Painted on canvas

Hung on a wall

Colors flowing in a frame

Escape from fire and rain

Imprint of energy and life

Timeless thoughts…

Forever alive…



In the blink of an eye

The tear that falls

Has a love that holds on tight

In the blink of an eye

The smile I see

Has joy that fills an empty heart

In the blink of an eye

The hardest thing I ever said

Was goodbye

No matter how far or how long

We are apart

We stand together

You are forever in my heart



Looking seriously hard at us

Judging how we move and act

Learning lessons, sitting still

In a chair, behind a desk

Clock ticking away slowly

Girl in front and on either side

What am I learning today?

Numbers hard to calculate

Speeches I don’t understand

Walls all around growing tall

Bells rings, quickly out the door

Nothing to carry all left behind

Lying on a bed, dream in my mind

Shapes spinning, sliding ground

Sleep, silent without sound

The game travel east, west

Up in the morning, late at night

Twenty four hours ticking away

Second chance, once more…

Now we’re done for the day



A point, line or a plane

Member of a group, grain

Pieces, sets, connected, shine

Unseen by the naked eye

Essential, irreducible, fundamental

Principles, assumptions of what is…

Entity, geometric size, shape

With the trees and apes

Generations, configuration, angle

This treat seen, now untangle

Determinant array, constitute matrix

Universal substance into the mix

Identical, normal, pleasant atoms

Earth, wind, air, and fire

Strings and holes, electric wire

Temperature change pounding drum

Forces over and beyond control

Severe, distinct, his and her

Ultimate, ancient, ingredient

Alphabet, spinning down a hole…



Rolls of steel on rolls of steel connected with steel

Touching, scraping, grinding, sparks dropping, flying…

Beams of steel with ropes of steel carried upward…

Floating high above like feathers blowing in the wind

Bolted together with pins of steel, melting steel to fit

Living in steel, cold colorless metal dug from the earth

From bits and pieces made hard with fire and water

Working in steel day after day only to see the sun

From within riding on metal spinning tremendously

Sitting on steel to rest or sleep, skin falling on metal

Polished metal bent in directions with steel hammers

An audience, first prize for reflections in gleaming steel

Chains of steel to anchor ships of steel to carry steel

Loads of metal to make more steel chains of steel

Each link connected into a circle that has a weight

No mortal man can hold while it continues to sink

Driving us mad with wonder as it rotates quickly

Pipes of steel twisted at unnatural angles of steel

Delivering precious fluid for sustainable complex life

Washing, cleaning, cutting, pulling, tools of steel

Hands from home spring of steel, bodies of metal

Fingers, necks, gems with crowns of kings not found

Glass not to see, blades of iron, 1000 year history

Music of metal, iron horses around the golden sun

Imprinting man, industry with numbers that abound…

Space and time alive and well like all human kind…



Seconds, minutes, hours, the date

Hands and a face, a little late

Splitting hairs walk the line

Have no time, I’ll share mine

Is it all planned or left to fate

Why this place, country or state

Path, trail, follow the sign

Under the light of stars that shine

A sudden moment to anticipate

Study the odds, what’s the rate

Plants, soil, taste fresh wine

Chosen food, time to dine

What is served, is on the plate

Mediocre, good, great, superb

Lives of twists, turns, and rhyme

Find the highest mountain to climb

In my blood, hereditary trait

Years and years, a long, long wait



An expression heard many times. Usually said about something we personally know absolutely nothing about but could be something that others have experienced over and over because it’s enjoyable, exciting, or habitual. So the expression is used about an action we generally know exists.

There are movements, functions, and mechanisms we realize from an early age, to be true. Our senses, depending how keen can assists us to discover these mechanisms in the world as we know exists. One example is hot verses cold. Most young children learn this through a sense of touch.

Our other senses, taste, sweet, sour, bitter, salty, smell, fresh old, ripe, sight, static, action, surprise, and sound, ringing, silence, flowing, are very powerful and contain links to the past experiences that have exercised our mind. If any sense is hampered the others will become more keen, perhaps open vistas that enable one to function in a world that does not forgive.

Our judgment is related to our senses through these links that are connected to memories or knowledge we accumulate throughout our life’s experiences. Any sense may trigger a mechanism and result in a judgment that we make in a split second or regret which stops one from taking advantage of an opportunity that can completely change one’s existence.

Benefits and disadvantages balance somewhat because of outside influences we agree or disagree to accept at any given moment. There comes a time in one’s life or perhaps over and over when we question a decision or reason for some event that affects our present state.

Some people adhere to destiny or repetition of another. All is open for discussion because this is the function or action, mechanism that allows one to rationalize and see logically.

What has happened to us at the given moment we are at, which stops time and space in one’s mind, although real time continues to flow. This invention of man, degree of measurement, that is mysterious and alien to me.

 So around we’ve come. The endless circle, our destiny throws us into, another direction, or we physically decide to remain ourselves in the place, where we are now traveling.

The minutes counted and measured add up to an amount with a value we express accordingly to what is important to us at the time.

Vision to see beyond our senses; feel life alive with all its wonderful movement. Footsteps in our mind, walking, running, climbing, dancing, and giving praise to the gift from the heavens above where one’s imagination is truly the most important sense of all.



Wet, moist, steamy rain water

Falling, rolling onto the leaves

Now in my hand I hold

On my port and starboard sides

In front and right behind

Glistening drops of radiant beads

Thunderous as they dive to earth

Sliding and rolling down my face

Over my eyes across my lips

Down and off my fingertips

Falling in time with the beat

Of millions of other raindrops

Sound rumbles through my soul

I feel drum humming waves

Tickling the bottom of my feet

Taste of heaven on my tongue

I feel each drop rise up through me

Now how can is this be done

No mind on earth could conceive

Who knows the secret long kept?

That drops through the trees



Intrinsic, subjective, objective—induction, deduction, abduction. I play pool, a game where I try to control how a sphere moves. It starts with a big bang called the break, moves along, bouncing, glancing, ricocheting, and falling into holes deliberately, by chance, luck, a bit like life. Ending with the eight ball being dropped into the final resting place disappearing into the well of peace from where it originated. Beginning middle and end culminating into a journey of learning. Lessons learned early, some later, a few never, but like the song says— I did it my way.

What does experience mean to each individual in their daily life and over time? Is there a way to calculate, measure, and quantify a living experience? Other than just knowing how well I have learned how to do some activity or function. People tell stories with circumstances we can relate because we’ve had a similar chance to experience such a life situation. Myths, legends, truths and lies accumulated over time recorded by a head of state and knowledgeable people to be shared someday when we are ready to absorb, understand what it means, and have the skill to apply it.

Once we gather knowledge and information, we conclude a reality or experience, then move on to the next phase of life. This journey we all go through has a beginning and an end, so we understand it along with emotional feelings perceived in the physical world where we exist. But what about the intangible world of memories and thoughts, the ideas that never become reality, images of tremendous or horrible actions we only see them in our dreams or mind. A world beyond what we know, and how to get there is a mystery.  The secret humans seek to go to the imaginary world are using computer hardware, some software code to find it, and the funny thing is that the place already exists. Where, how? In the mind, and state of dreams.