A glance into the distance or up to the sky provokes winsome thoughts to consider. In the day the sky may be blue, filled with fluffy clouds, or overcast. All these situations will spark wonder in the mind. A small child and people of all ages wonder why it’s blue, what are clouds made of, how can it can be solid overcast gray. Then there’s the sunset, a warm red sky seemingly on fire. The night, darkness with glimmering points of light that seem to be sending a Morse Code message from far away in the solar system. Memories are created, romance perhaps or a frightening episode of spirt nature without explanation. The colors vary depending on the time, shadows are always present to hide or exaggerate feelings we create throughout our living being.

That area above where some unknown life or force rests is never understood by most humans living on the earth. Most people have rudimentary knowledge of the solar system, stars, planets, and even the so-called experts are guessing when speaking on such theories. So, that’s where the writer comes into the picture to describe a viewpoint of an empty void where strange entities inhabit a welkin from a dream. How one can travel to such a place is created with words describing a scenario of consequence, shock, and astonishment, twisting in the vacuum of space. After reading these tales we believe the writer has given insight, a vision and look of oddities shaped by an idea.

Because what we see is from one perspective and drawn from clues, ruins, and leftover artifacts used to judge and predict what happened in the past. As I consider this from middle ground can understand the mystery people are trying to unravel. How can we know what’s in vast cold space if we have no clue how the pyramids or other structures were built? The layers of the earth still contain mysteries to be uncovered, and I haven’t given any word to what’s under the seas, which is also variation of blue and gray. The writer has a clear slate on which to tell the stolen story of mankind.



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