You wake up in morning or whenever, open your eyes, and you see the same thing you see every day—light. Daylight to be precise, the first fragment of light turning into an image, static in the beginning, then changing and moving becoming a piece of reality. It slices, glows, reflects, and washes away the darkness. This glow can also be artificial-electric-energy coming from wires to produce a spark, a crackle, the buzz and humming connecting to our brain. Then a known image, or an unknown original  exciting picture is created right in front of you, and all you need do is wake up.

As the time passes you move, stretch, and wonder about random things, as ideas, and thoughts cascade down from the river of dreams forgotten, but occasionally a sliver pierces the air and drills deep into your mind to deliver desires that may or may not come. There’s a mirror across the room to gaze and make faces, stick out your tongue, motion or wave to yourself, then grab a bite to eat and get on with your day. Routine is the trail left in our memory, it’s a safe place or way to follow to a known result. On occasion we have a thought that tweaks the memory, and we’ll call it, inspiration. Where this thought or wonder comes from is unknown, and seems to stem from an endless well.

People tell stories with circumstances we sometimes relate because we’ve had a similar chance to experience such a life situation. But how can just the atmosphere create a thought to emerge from our brain? It possibly happens walking in nature, or through some mundane activity. Gravity, light, vast space, planets, quantum physics, string theory, are areas the mindful or ruthless few understand. This knowledge is so oblique, complex, and disorienting, because there is nothing to reference or confirm it in a basic way. Even simple functions as waking up and going through the day, listening to music, judging the future, are not understood.

Take a deep breath and live the in moment. Cheers!



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