Intrinsic, subjective, objective—induction, deduction, abduction. I play pool, a game where I try to control how a sphere moves. It starts with a big bang called the break, moves along, bouncing, glancing, ricocheting, and falling into holes deliberately, by chance, luck, a bit like life. Ending with the eight ball being dropped into the final resting place disappearing into the well of peace from where it originated. Beginning middle and end culminating into a journey of learning. Lessons learned early, some later, a few never, but like the song says— I did it my way.

What does experience mean to each individual in their daily life and over time? Is there a way to calculate, measure, and quantify a living experience? Other than just knowing how well I have learned how to do some activity or function. People tell stories with circumstances we can relate because we’ve had a similar chance to experience such a life situation. Myths, legends, truths and lies accumulated over time recorded by a head of state and knowledgeable people to be shared someday when we are ready to absorb, understand what it means, and have the skill to apply it.

Once we gather knowledge and information, we conclude a reality or experience, then move on to the next phase of life. This journey we all go through has a beginning and an end, so we understand it along with emotional feelings perceived in the physical world where we exist. But what about the intangible world of memories and thoughts, the ideas that never become reality, images of tremendous or horrible actions we only see them in our dreams or mind. A world beyond what we know, and how to get there is a mystery.  The secret humans seek to go to the imaginary world are using computer hardware, some software code to find it, and the funny thing is that the place already exists. Where, how? In the mind, and state of dreams.



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