Rolls of steel on rolls of steel connected with steel

Touching, scraping, grinding, sparks dropping, flying…

Beams of steel with ropes of steel carried upward…

Floating high above like feathers blowing in the wind

Bolted together with pins of steel, melting steel to fit

Living in steel, cold colorless metal dug from the earth

From bits and pieces made hard with fire and water

Working in steel day after day only to see the sun

From within riding on metal spinning tremendously

Sitting on steel to rest or sleep, skin falling on metal

Polished metal bent in directions with steel hammers

An audience, first prize for reflections in gleaming steel

Chains of steel to anchor ships of steel to carry steel

Loads of metal to make more steel chains of steel

Each link connected into a circle that has a weight

No mortal man can hold while it continues to sink

Driving us mad with wonder as it rotates quickly

Pipes of steel twisted at unnatural angles of steel

Delivering precious fluid for sustainable complex life

Washing, cleaning, cutting, pulling, tools of steel

Hands from home spring of steel, bodies of metal

Fingers, necks, gems with crowns of kings not found

Glass not to see, blades of iron, 1000 year history

Music of metal, iron horses around the golden sun

Imprinting man, industry with numbers that abound…

Space and time alive and well like all human kind…



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