Winning is a challenge with yourself, essentially a competition that is a decision some undertake because of the feeling experienced, and excitement that awaits the champion. And after the peak, a calm ensues, then another test opens or is discovered. I believe this is organic marketing and have concluded it may happen from being proactive, or spontaneously because we’ve done something that attracts or appeals to a system. I am not a marketing expert, but this thought came to me one day out of the blue.

How to think about it may be akin to a chess match, a battle of moves against an opponent, and strategy of thought and the mind. Signals are sent to all parts of your body to tell it what to do as in marketing and networking. All of this is done simultaneously, automatically, then repeated over and over. If something is desired, we tell our legs to walk and our hands to pick it up. Now to do this with marketing is special talent that only a few possess, whether innate or learned it seems to come down to what people desire, and how to provide it.

There comes a time in life when some material items we’ve collected just become items unless they have a strong connection to an event. Marketing strategy seems to create a similar connection to things we may or may not need. We just know at a particular time we desire something for whatever reason, and will spend hard earned money to purchase it. Strategy works if we can plan in a way so the outcome suits our goal. Let the planning begin!



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