Bedtime stories and dreams . . . RIM STONE Coming in 2023

Dream Killer – I, The Tribe – II, and a final narrative that reveals a distant place. Rim Stone – III is unique in the universe as it is made of material that aids in the ability to control time. Rim Stone is guarded by the Wix, a group of entities who have the power to control a line in time. During dreamtime or Frahaz, the Wix gather at the Skro, or center hub that holds and connects the spokes of Rim Stone.

A few unknowns from earth are chosen by the Wix as the replacement guardians of Rim Stone while the Wix enter their metamorphosis. The unknowns are a group of mavericks, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. They are tasked with protecting Rim Stone from the malicious Ralk, who seeks to control time. Ralk is a powerful being with greed and lust for power. He now seeks to harness the energy of Rim Stone to rule the universe through his unknown, Otto.

As the unknowns gather, and quickly realize the severity of their task. They must work together and learn to control the power of the Rim Stone, or risk losing it to Ralk. The unknowns face challenges from learning to control powers, battling Ralk, and along the way discover the meaning of sacrifice. The unknown’s mission against Ralk forever changes Rim Stone, and dreamtime.



RIM STONE book III Coming in 2023



I read once – I read twice – I read three times – once more

The last time I read I understood

I read between the lines

A small detail missed, you know what you’re looking for

When others do not see – in haste it passed before

Trying to see what is there

Looking for a hole… air… invisible…

To the eye most hidden below…

Go to the place and you may see…

What everyone is hoping to find

Even then it may not be seen

Open, direct, pointed out to see…

In view it sits waiting for you to take

The endless supply of knowledge

Waiting to be absorbed, open the door

Drink from the cup, lift the rock

Look under your feet, above your head

Dream from your pillow while in bed

Peel back the sky discover beyond…

Stars above, reach for your dreams…

No matter how, try, listen for truth, don’t believe the lie

Alone in the dark – cry tears that shine and sparkle…

Become part of life that never dies…dream!



All that has been accomplished

From history knowledge filled

And the future will become

Passed on from father to son

Stories then told to others

Trouble in paradise, all around

Family above, below the ground

Keep the memory in the mind

Few with reaching power in hand

Controlling and fences the land

Entry or exit this is the claim

Piece of paper, picture and name

Under the skin, a mark in sight

Groups meet in dead of night

People, friends, then disappear…

Stories and rumors we all hear

Last step taken without a fight

Darkness falling lost daylight…

A spirit of hope, grasp it tight

Ringing the air waves of sound

Strength of love, all or none

Passion for life, gift begun

On the path with you in kind

Judgment waiting open arms

Untangle the back of your mind

Mercy please, time is done…



Rolls of steel on rolls of steel connected with steel

Touching, scraping, grinding, sparks dropping, flying…

Beams of steel with ropes of steel carried upward…

Floating high above like feathers blowing in the wind

Bolted together with pins of steel, melting steel to fit

Living in steel, cold colorless metal dug from the earth

From bits and pieces made hard with fire and water

Working in steel day after day only to see the sun

From within riding on metal spinning tremendously

Sitting on steel to rest or sleep, skin falling on metal

Polished metal bent in directions with steel hammers

An audience, first prize for reflections in gleaming steel

Chains of steel to anchor ships of steel to carry steel

Loads of metal to make more steel chains of steel

Each link connected into a circle that has a weight

No mortal man can hold while it continues to sink

Driving us mad with wonder as it rotates quickly

Pipes of steel twisted at unnatural angles of steel

Delivering precious fluid for sustainable complex life

Washing, cleaning, cutting, pulling, tools of steel

Hands from home spring of steel, bodies of metal

Fingers, necks, gems with crowns of kings not found

Glass not to see, blades of iron, 1000 year history

Music of metal, iron horses around the golden sun

Imprinting man, industry with numbers that abound…

Space and time alive and well like all human kind…



Forward one after another

Direction in the distance

Mountains I can see

Quickly resting under a tree

Looking down, legs, feet…

Steady, straight, strong, ambitious

Flesh and sprit, left and right

Always colossal thinking above

Unselfish, noble, kindly deeds

Wanting dignity for all

Up in the world by each step

Found my hand too soft

Beyond callus and hard illusion

Wild adventures, free small world

Lined up next to each other

Youthful feeling of life, up, down

Enduring, resilient, granite stone

Melting holes in my sticky soles

Songs that are ringing merry

Into the bank of life, saved…



Peering into vast unlimited space

Closer and closer, still far away

Stepping, watching, feeling lonely

No path, just aimless choice

Rolling down a hill unknown

Pulling, repelling, a strong grip

Dare let go, release the fear

A place found, just the right fit

Instant, temporary, forever, never

Rebound once, twice, again…

Around ‘n round on the carrousel

Others there with me I see

Familiar faces, stare at me

Countryside, city, concrete, wood

Build a home on planet earth

Toss a stone, see water falling

Happiness with fortune wise

On display as all pass by

I turn my head, on my back I lay

Faces up and around the air

Please don’t speak or say a word

Laughter and job well done…

Now champions we have won

But I came only for the fun…




Seconds, minutes, hours, the date

Hands and a face, a little late

Splitting hairs walk the line

Have no time, I’ll share mine

Is it all planned or left to fate

Why this place, country or state

Path, trail, follow the sign

Under the light of stars that shine

A sudden moment to anticipate

Study the odds, what’s the rate

Plants, soil, taste fresh wine

Chosen food, time to dine

What is served, is on the plate

Mediocre, good, great, superb

Lives of twists, turns, and rhyme

Find the highest mountain to climb

In my blood, hereditary trait

Years and years, a long, long wait



Perhaps a figure of speech

Spoken in some non-literal way

Use of a metaphor, who’s to say

Interpolated, confusing word or phrase

Embellishment of a story that’s told

Songs sung from times that are old

Medieval world, people have heard

Liturgies, pieces and plays

Turn around, come back, maze

Roots that have grown deep below

For some time, who can tell?

Count the years begin to yell

Unproductive course, dark blind alley

No hope to lose, against the wall

Last chance, a telephone call

After it’s made, part of history

Through a clear lens I see

I have a choice, think wisely

Use the language without regard

This you may come to regret

Into motion, the wheels are set

Incongruity, we think it occurs

Asking Santa, while sitting on his knee

I got a rock, the irony

A fisherman tells a tale

Extravagant gross exaggeration

Hyperbole from father to sun

Metaphoric name we supply

Old English, Norse singing

Conventional but special kenning

An expression spoken to refer

Suggest a similarity between

We call the best the cream

We, they, them, the metonymy

Choose a feature to explore

An attribute lost in war

Calm storm, invisible boarder, oxymoron

Joined together true words or lie

Contradictory as the migrating herds

Let’s make a person, a beautiful smile

Prosopopoeia, an abstract idea

A wish and hope to be free

Kick the bucket, doornail, daisies

Thirteen steps and then a rope

Legend, language, floating trope



An expression heard many times. Usually said about something we personally know absolutely nothing about but could be something that others have experienced over and over because it’s enjoyable, exciting, or habitual. So the expression is used about an action we generally know exists.

There are movements, functions, and mechanisms we realize from an early age, to be true. Our senses, depending how keen can assists us to discover these mechanisms in the world as we know exists. One example is hot verses cold. Most young children learn this through a sense of touch.

Our other senses, taste, sweet, sour, bitter, salty, smell, fresh old, ripe, sight, static, action, surprise, and sound, ringing, silence, flowing, are very powerful and contain links to the past experiences that have exercised our mind. If any sense is hampered the others will become more keen, perhaps open vistas that enable one to function in a world that does not forgive.

Our judgment is related to our senses through these links that are connected to memories or knowledge we accumulate throughout our life’s experiences. Any sense may trigger a mechanism and result in a judgment that we make in a split second or regret which stops one from taking advantage of an opportunity that can completely change one’s existence.

Benefits and disadvantages balance somewhat because of outside influences we agree or disagree to accept at any given moment. There comes a time in one’s life or perhaps over and over when we question a decision or reason for some event that affects our present state.

Some people adhere to destiny or repetition of another. All is open for discussion because this is the function or action, mechanism that allows one to rationalize and see logically.

What has happened to us at the given moment we are at, which stops time and space in one’s mind, although real time continues to flow. This invention of man, degree of measurement, that is mysterious and alien to me.

 So around we’ve come. The endless circle, our destiny throws us into, another direction, or we physically decide to remain ourselves in the place, where we are now traveling.

The minutes counted and measured add up to an amount with a value we express accordingly to what is important to us at the time.

Vision to see beyond our senses; feel life alive with all its wonderful movement. Footsteps in our mind, walking, running, climbing, dancing, and giving praise to the gift from the heavens above where one’s imagination is truly the most important sense of all.