We wake up in the morning wondering what time it is, and perhaps even what day. After taking in deep breaths of air, cobwebs clear, and time enters our mind to give us a foundation of existence. Without time does anything exist? There might be a noise of a car, a bird chirping, a clock ring. We hear the same sounds throughout the day, and occasionally new ones depending on our location. We move without thought, following a routine, a precise order, without even knowing what we’re actually doing until the action is finished. Then at the end of the day as night falls, depending on the individual, we become alive with ideas rushing like a stream or river. At the same time others may crash into a wall, and after regret the actions that have taken place.

Remembering that time never stops because it is an unrelenting demon, a force beyond comprehension, invisible, and unable to clutch or snag, only a thing to play with or tweak. Every living thing and object submits to time without exception. Who created this entity? Why is it needed? Only to measure the air we breathe, the span and waves then we ride. The roller coaster of life continues before, during, and after any event we establish has a beginning and end. We can capture moments of adventure and travel, reliving an experience whether glorious or a bleak and total failure. Why, and what is the end purpose to recall and remember what we did? Why not just continually enjoy the high points?

Can there be high points without the groveling lows of having your face mashed to the ground into defeat? Time itself may hold the remedy to all woes by its shear nature of never stopping, and until then we can always find a way to change some actions to arrive at a different outcome. Those times when we are at our wits end, there’s no solution, the horizon is black, the memory of knowing the sun will rise, and chart a new course to feed our dreams. Obstacles will be in our way, challenges will spur us on because the winning ticket is out there, we need only find it as we stand in defiance of the clock.


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