Is the past still alive and remembered by the living because the dead cannot participate and have no argument to provide other than the memory passed on by others? Is it possible to choose the way a memory is passed on or is it all a random smorgasbord of drip, drip, into the vast space of time. History is a business, data sold to the highest bidder who then manipulates information to serve a selfish purpose. Why should I, or anyone, care about history when we can just access knowledge from the unknown invisible machine. How is history used to produce the future, and are people hired specifically to do this? How is the world run, how does it operate, God, machines, space, aliens, companies?

The three schools of Nature are – intrinsic, subjective, objective. Within the limits of innovation of an organic world living beings that survive on air, sunshine, and compost. We are all born with skills, and a way to know what has to be done even without learning how. A viewpoint from our own shoes, or another may be similar, different, or out of this world crazy. Experience is a learning process, it takes time, and at a young age it seems endless, but as time flows the river changes, uncovering hidden messages and artifacts that have no explanation.

Living in a world of mystery, the unfound, the dead and forgotten, a trace of what was and still is to some degree. All the mathematical formulas known to humankind cannot explain the one question, the one curiosity human thought always asks. Who or what are we? Even if we connect every computer, gather all the great minds, all of written and recorded history found, still we cannot answer this question. So, deep in our mind we pose the question to an entity or God of the religion we follow, sometimes seeing what we believe is the result of our, or another’s thought, an incantation, secret magical words to wake the memory asleep in some deep dark place. Some waiting years for the reply, a few happy, knowing a memory may just be a dream.



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