An expression heard many times. Usually said about something we personally know absolutely nothing about but could be something that others have experienced over and over because it’s enjoyable, exciting, or habitual. So the expression is used about an action we generally know exists.

There are movements, functions, and mechanisms we realize from an early age, to be true. Our senses, depending how keen can assists us to discover these mechanisms in the world as we know exists. One example is hot verses cold. Most young children learn this through a sense of touch.

Our other senses, taste, sweet, sour, bitter, salty, smell, fresh old, ripe, sight, static, action, surprise, and sound, ringing, silence, flowing, are very powerful and contain links to the past experiences that have exercised our mind. If any sense is hampered the others will become more keen, perhaps open vistas that enable one to function in a world that does not forgive.

Our judgment is related to our senses through these links that are connected to memories or knowledge we accumulate throughout our life’s experiences. Any sense may trigger a mechanism and result in a judgment that we make in a split second or regret which stops one from taking advantage of an opportunity that can completely change one’s existence.

Benefits and disadvantages balance somewhat because of outside influences we agree or disagree to accept at any given moment. There comes a time in one’s life or perhaps over and over when we question a decision or reason for some event that affects our present state.

Some people adhere to destiny or repetition of another. All is open for discussion because this is the function or action, mechanism that allows one to rationalize and see logically.

What has happened to us at the given moment we are at, which stops time and space in one’s mind, although real time continues to flow. This invention of man, degree of measurement, that is mysterious and alien to me.

 So around we’ve come. The endless circle, our destiny throws us into, another direction, or we physically decide to remain ourselves in the place, where we are now traveling.

The minutes counted and measured add up to an amount with a value we express accordingly to what is important to us at the time.

Vision to see beyond our senses; feel life alive with all its wonderful movement. Footsteps in our mind, walking, running, climbing, dancing, and giving praise to the gift from the heavens above where one’s imagination is truly the most important sense of all.


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