Perhaps a figure of speech

Spoken in some non-literal way

Use of a metaphor, who’s to say

Interpolated, confusing word or phrase

Embellishment of a story that’s told

Songs sung from times that are old

Medieval world, people have heard

Liturgies, pieces and plays

Turn around, come back, maze

Roots that have grown deep below

For some time, who can tell?

Count the years begin to yell

Unproductive course, dark blind alley

No hope to lose, against the wall

Last chance, a telephone call

After it’s made, part of history

Through a clear lens I see

I have a choice, think wisely

Use the language without regard

This you may come to regret

Into motion, the wheels are set

Incongruity, we think it occurs

Asking Santa, while sitting on his knee

I got a rock, the irony

A fisherman tells a tale

Extravagant gross exaggeration

Hyperbole from father to sun

Metaphoric name we supply

Old English, Norse singing

Conventional but special kenning

An expression spoken to refer

Suggest a similarity between

We call the best the cream

We, they, them, the metonymy

Choose a feature to explore

An attribute lost in war

Calm storm, invisible boarder, oxymoron

Joined together true words or lie

Contradictory as the migrating herds

Let’s make a person, a beautiful smile

Prosopopoeia, an abstract idea

A wish and hope to be free

Kick the bucket, doornail, daisies

Thirteen steps and then a rope

Legend, language, floating trope



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