Peering into vast unlimited space

Closer and closer, still far away

Stepping, watching, feeling lonely

No path, just aimless choice

Rolling down a hill unknown

Pulling, repelling, a strong grip

Dare let go, release the fear

A place found, just the right fit

Instant, temporary, forever, never

Rebound once, twice, again…

Around ‘n round on the carrousel

Others there with me I see

Familiar faces, stare at me

Countryside, city, concrete, wood

Build a home on planet earth

Toss a stone, see water falling

Happiness with fortune wise

On display as all pass by

I turn my head, on my back I lay

Faces up and around the air

Please don’t speak or say a word

Laughter and job well done…

Now champions we have won

But I came only for the fun…



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