All that has been accomplished

From history knowledge filled

And the future will become

Passed on from father to son

Stories then told to others

Trouble in paradise, all around

Family above, below the ground

Keep the memory in the mind

Few with reaching power in hand

Controlling and fences the land

Entry or exit this is the claim

Piece of paper, picture and name

Under the skin, a mark in sight

Groups meet in dead of night

People, friends, then disappear…

Stories and rumors we all hear

Last step taken without a fight

Darkness falling lost daylight…

A spirit of hope, grasp it tight

Ringing the air waves of sound

Strength of love, all or none

Passion for life, gift begun

On the path with you in kind

Judgment waiting open arms

Untangle the back of your mind

Mercy please, time is done…


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