I read once – I read twice – I read three times – once more

The last time I read I understood

I read between the lines

A small detail missed, you know what you’re looking for

When others do not see – in haste it passed before

Trying to see what is there

Looking for a hole… air… invisible…

To the eye most hidden below…

Go to the place and you may see…

What everyone is hoping to find

Even then it may not be seen

Open, direct, pointed out to see…

In view it sits waiting for you to take

The endless supply of knowledge

Waiting to be absorbed, open the door

Drink from the cup, lift the rock

Look under your feet, above your head

Dream from your pillow while in bed

Peel back the sky discover beyond…

Stars above, reach for your dreams…

No matter how, try, listen for truth, don’t believe the lie

Alone in the dark – cry tears that shine and sparkle…

Become part of life that never dies…dream!


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