Bedtime stories and dreams . . . RIM STONE Coming in 2023

Dream Killer – I, The Tribe – II, and a final narrative that reveals a distant place. Rim Stone – III is unique in the universe as it is made of material that aids in the ability to control time. Rim Stone is guarded by the Wix, a group of entities who have the power to control a line in time. During dreamtime or Frahaz, the Wix gather at the Skro, or center hub that holds and connects the spokes of Rim Stone.

A few unknowns from earth are chosen by the Wix as the replacement guardians of Rim Stone while the Wix enter their metamorphosis. The unknowns are a group of mavericks, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. They are tasked with protecting Rim Stone from the malicious Ralk, who seeks to control time. Ralk is a powerful being with greed and lust for power. He now seeks to harness the energy of Rim Stone to rule the universe through his unknown, Otto.

As the unknowns gather, and quickly realize the severity of their task. They must work together and learn to control the power of the Rim Stone, or risk losing it to Ralk. The unknowns face challenges from learning to control powers, battling Ralk, and along the way discover the meaning of sacrifice. The unknown’s mission against Ralk forever changes Rim Stone, and dreamtime.



RIM STONE book III Coming in 2023


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