This novel is sufficiently abstract for readers who like to draw their own conclusions yet has enough plot to keep all readers engaged — Andrew Miller

Sam Young’s story and his eventual “freedom” will tomorrow once again stir my understanding of
this extraordinary opportunity to imagine the choices during “the last flutter of existence”.
“Awake, Asleep, Dreaming, Dead” is two hours well spent — Paul Alexy

It is the type of book that can make you rethink your own life and that is never a bad thing — Samantha Gray

This is a unique (at least in my limited experience) and thought provoking book. Lyrical in the sense that at times it reads like a poem. I was swept away in ways similar to my experiences listening to a symphony. Not just reading a story but experiencing it. You really do not only use one sense at a symphony. Nor in this book. Bravo — Amazon Customer

Though not for everyone, this was a very unique, original story about the deeper questions of life, death and everything in between. If you have pondered over metaphysical thoughts and yearn for deeper answers about life, you should read this book. I have and I loved every second of it.

I applaud that the author wrote in his own style, following his own rules, not worrying about accepted structure or rules. Those structures and rules can sometimes dampen a writers creativity and keep their work shackled by restraints. I like adventurous writers who are not afraid to push against those laws and boundaries and Mr. Siwicki does this with superb results.— Reader X

This was one of the most different books I have read. The story takes place in the past, present and a little of the future too. It was interesting how the story took people of the past and brought them into the present. Some of the chapters were a little repetitive, which was not my favorite part. Overall, it was a different kind of book and I enjoyed it — Tamera